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Fitria Susanti

Research Analyst

Fitria is our firm’s Research Analyst and Adviser on Financial Inclusion . Her role: To examine how ADIs and FinTechs can contribute to reducing financial exclusion in Australia.

To date, Fitria has authored a series of reports on topics including: how ADIs and FinTechs can contribute to reducing the gender pay gap in Australian financial services; how ADIs and FinTechs can support older workers; and women’s financial inclusion.

Fitria has a Bachelor of International Relations from Abdurrab University, Indonesia. Her hobbies include reading and baking.

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Career Summary

Gen Advisory Pty Ltd

Research Analyst;

Adviser on Financial Inclusion 


Jakarta, Indonesia


Abdurrab University (Indonesia)

Bachelor of International Relations

Core Competencies

  • Industry research and analyses

  • Women's financial inclusion

  • Gender pay gap

  • Banking and FinTech as a force for good​


See Fitria Susanti's blog.

Favourite Quote

"Whoever strives shall succeed."

- Ahmad Fuadi

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