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Clement Fernandez

Head of Licensing & Financial Sector Regulation

Clement is Gen Advisory Pty Ltd's Head of Licensing and Financial Sector Regulation. He brings over 20 years' ADI regulation and industry experience, having previously worked at APRA and St George for 12 and 10 years respectively. 


Clement holds a Masters in Business Administration from Western Sydney University (Australia). 

Clements hobbies include bushwalking and spending time with his grandchildren.


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Career Summary


Principal Analyst -

Diversified Institutions Division

St George Bank

Relationship Manager



Sydney, Australia


Western Sydney University

Masters in Business Administration

Core Competencies

  • ADI sector

  • Regulation of ADIs

  • ADI licensing

  • Risk management

  • Regulatory liaison


Favourite Quote

'In times of test, family is best.'

- Ancient proverb.

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